We work virtually on administrative tasks for mental health professionals in for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. We set up and create content for social media, newsletter and blogs. We offer research and writing on relevant topics for presentations and documents. We organize details and set up systems in client and donor care.

Our Work Helps Mental Health Professionals do their work.

Why do mental health professionals choose New Day?

20+ years of experience in leadership, planning, writing and speaking PLUS that side of the brain that loves details and figuring out new things.

We understand all brains and bodies are unique based on development and what has happened to us. We have more than ten years of experience learning and advocating in these areas.

We know burn-out and caregiver fatigue is real. We are interested in the exact work you need done to allow you freedom to live a full life.

Let's get more done by working together.

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It's easy.

You save energy to focus your time on what you want to do.
We work remotely to help you do the rest.

You save time for what's important.
We take care of details behind the scenes.

You save money.
We are a contractor and provide our workspace, equipment and supplies.

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